BehrouzBiryani Coupons : Flat 30% OFF On Biryani’s

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BehrouzBiryani Coupons : Flat 30% OFF On Biryani’s

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Exclusive Offer: Behrouz Biryani is providing 30% off on 1kg biryani which is slow cooked, Choose from the available menu, Dum Ghost, Subz-E-Biryani, Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani, Murgh Makhani Biryani, Lazeez Murgh Biryani (Bone), Murgh Tikka Biryani etc. in this link. Apply the above behrouz biryani coupon code to avail this deal. Offer valid once per user. Coupon code is is applicable for minimum order amount Rs 659 before taxes. Promo is not applicable on combos, beverages and MRP items. Maximum discount upto Rs 200. Valid till Sep 2021 Only. Hurry Up!!
Taste the Perfect Biryani at Behrouz, freshly prepared with premium ingredients fit for royalty. Order online now and get it home delivered in a matter of minutes Behrouz Biryani Coupons 20% Off, Behrouz Biryani Coupon Code Sep 2021. Just Follow Below Steps to Avail Behrouz Biryani Coupon Code & Offers for Online Food Order.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Behrouz Biryani Coupon Offer : Get 30% Off on your Royal Biryani Valid Sep 2021 Today Only

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Bored of eating the regular food like dal and chawal and want something spicy food to rejuvenate your taste buds?

Well, nothing can fulfill your desire other than the yummy biryani – a royal dish that everyone craves for. To savor on this delicious food, you don’t really have to cook yourself, instead order it from the best online portal, which is none other than Behrouz Biryani. Land on this page and you will be surprised to find several varieties of biryanis all under one roof. Just go through the website to find varieties like shahi biryanis, kebab koobideh, shirin and sherbet, and biryani by kilo. Try out a new dish whenever you think of ordering from the store. Behrouz Biryani offers all these dishes at reasonable prices. So, why go anywhere else when you can get the best here? Book right now using Dominos offer coupons and find yourself savoring the yummy biryani in no time.

The love for biryani equalled by love for Indian history

One look and you are sure to fall in love…with the exquisitely designed site, the well layed out menu and the historical stories of Behrouz. If you love digging deep into history and all the overwhelming stories that are the essential part of any historical chapter, over a plate of fragrant biryani, then The Behrouz Biriyani is the best ever place for you. The biryani platter that they offer and all the lovely stories they share is more than enough for anybody who loves gorging on biryani.

Why the name?

Behrouz, an ancient city known for its flavorful biryani preparations inspires the name of this biryani house. It is said that an archeologist dugged up a parchment while excavating the ancient site of Behrouz, which contained the original recipe of Behrouz Biryani. And this biryani house is all set to bring you the best of the flavors in biryani, just like the nawabs. And what is more exciting is that you can get Behrouz Biryani coupons, that makes the whole process of ordering and having this dish exciting.

The menu from Behrouz

Starting from various biryani specialties to kebabs, drinks and sweet dishes, they have covered all. So, what is it you can get with them? You can get Subz-E-Biryani, Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani, Lazeez Murgh Biryani, Murgh Qeema Biryani, Lazeez Bhuna Murg Biryani, Murg Tikka Biryani, Murgh Makhani Biryani, Dum Gosht Biryani, Murgh Angaare Koobideh, Sevai and more. If you are planning to have a party with friends and all are biryani worshipers, then you have the option to get the kilo biryani. You can get a Behrouz discount coupon to make dining more fun and less heavy on your pockets.